About TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones

Welcome to TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones, a blog dedicated to that little gadget we carry in our pocket everyday that connects us to the rest of humanity.


My name is JErm and I’m the one responsible behind all the cell phone madness that is TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones. I am a web designer and a self-made online entrepreneur living on the paradise island Bali.

TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones

Cell phones have become inseparable from our daily lives.  Many times a day we call and text our friends and beloved through this little gadget that’s becoming smaller and smaller everyday with new features popping out just about every hour.  So, in an endless search for the perfect cell phone, we surf the webs everyday and bring you back our findings on the coolest cell phones we could find.

Our passion is simple, to help you figure out what your next cell phone would be, where to get it, when you can get it, what it can do, and how much.  Yes we understand most people don’t need a new cell phone every month, or everyday, but we all like to look, don’t we?  :)

Think of TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones as a cell phones showcase before you buy, or call it virtual window shopping if you like.

The Network

TechFresh Upcoming Cell Phones is a subsidiary of TechFresh.net, a blog dedicated to the hottest consumer electronics, electronic gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology.  While TechFresh is plenty of fun for all of us, we felt the need for better focus.  So we created subdomains in the subjects that interest us the most, cell phones, digital cameras, ipods and mp3 players, laptop notebooks, and video games.

TechFresh is yet part of the bigger TechFresh Network.  This is the umbrella in which all our blogs are connected and distributed.  We cover news  from lifestyle and street fashion to couture and fast cars.  Our overall reach of the network is approximately one million web readers per month, and still growing thanks you to your kind support.

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