Almighty FCC Approved Toshiba 810T SoftBank Phone

by Johan on October 13, 2006

Almighty FCC Approved Toshiba 810T SoftBank Phone

The 810T phone, Toshiba’s new cellphone for SoftBank customers in Japan, was recently approved by the FCC. The phone provides an impressive 3.2MP camera, and comes with an integrated music player, and dedicated music access keys. This 3G phone also offers Infrared and USB interfaces to syncronize data and media. A microSD memory card slot is also available for expansion, with a maximum of 512MB supported. There’s also a dedicated Yahoo! access key on the phone. The Toshiba 810T comes with integrated mobile light that’s useful for night-mode still images and video capture. Pricing and availability are still in mystery.

Via FCC.

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