Apps to Boost your Android’s Performance on the Road

by Jeremiah on October 24, 2014

A smartphone is now an invaluable part of travelling, allowing you to make reservations, access maps, and stay in touch with friends back home. When planning a trip, don’t forget to make sure that your Android smartphone or tablet is up for the journey. Particularly if you’ve had your device for some time, it could be prone to running out of batteries quickly or suffer from a slow connection. By taking the time to install the following apps, you could enhance your phone’s performance to be sure that it’s ready to take you abroad.

Android Booster Apps

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Android Booster
One of the best free apps to start with is Android Booster, which enhances your smartphone or tablet to be sure that it’s operating at the peak of efficiency before you travel. You can reclaim memory, save your battery life, and uninstall undesirable apps that are draining the life from your phone. This will help ensure that it runs faster and more efficiently to keep you connected on the road. Along with the tools designed to enhance performance, there are additional tools to help you manage your files and battery life while protecting your phone from viruses.

Juice Defender
Networks may change depending on your location; like railways run more efficiently using GSMR with Nokia Networks, you may find your phone may need to switch from GSM to CDMA. This handy Android app allows you to manage your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data connections to maximize battery life on the road. There are a number of different modes to choose from, so you can pick and choose the apps you want to keep running in the background.

Memory Booster
As you travel, you may be using your device to store media files, which can quickly eat up your internal storage. Memory Booster prevents you from crashing your system, while increasing RAM space at the same time. You can check your memory status in real time, freeing up space where it’s available so that you have room for all of those holiday snaps.

Advanced Task Manager
If you know that it will be some time before you’re back at the hotel room to recharge your batteries, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not wasting any precious power in the meantime. Advanced Task Manager is another app that helps support your system, showing you all of the processes that are currently active both in the foreground and background so that you can turn off ones that aren’t necessary. You can force a stop if an unwanted task is running, or enable auto-kill processes to do the dirty work for you.

Many phones start off life with optimum efficiency, but this can get worse over time. If you’re travelling with an older Android, bring it back up to speed with the Greenify app. This will put unwanted apps into hibernation to save power, while still giving you full functionality once launched.

Finally, extend your phone’s battery life by automating its processes. Tasker will automatically create settings for your texting, media, and phone calls so that all of these tasks are running at the right times. It can automatically disable your apps while you’re sleeping to save power, without you having to think about it on your holiday.
These are just a few of today’s top apps to maximize your Android device’s performance, both at home and when travelling. This helps to ensure that your phone’s operating properly when you need it the most.

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