Asus P526 GPS Enabled Smartphone Reviewed

by Johan on August 17, 2007

Asus P526 GPS Enabled Smartphone Reviewed

Hardwarezone has a complete review of the Asus P526 GPS enabled smartphone. The gadgets lack of 3G and Wi-Fi making it only good for consumers who are not interested in high speed data downloads. However, the Asus P526 has Bluetooth capabilities and Edge connectivity. It is expected to cost around $530. Here is the verdict.

GPS phones are slowly gaining a foothold in the cellular market, but light ones such as the P526 are still rare. Sadly, with the lack of both Wi-Fi and 3G, the P526 won’t be winning the hearts of many just yet, which is just as well considering it is aimed at a different consumer group from that of Wi-Fi enabled smartphones such as the Asus P525. So, the price of the Asus P526? Well, an affordable SGD$898 (~USD$530).

Link via The Gadget Blog

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