BenQ E55 3G Mobile Phone Released In Taiwan

by Johan on July 18, 2008

BenQ E55 3G Mobile Phone Released In Taiwan

BenQ announced that they will release BenQ E55 3G handset in Taiwan in the end of this month. The BenQ E55 is actually the successor of the previous BenQ E53 phone. This clamshell phone provides 3G data connection and has 2MP camera with the secondary video call camera at the middle of the clamshell hinge. The phone is also compatible with AAC, MP3, 3GP and MP4 media files. Other features include a 1-inch 64k colors CSTN external screen with 96 x 64 resolution, the internal 2-inch TFT screen that supports 262k colors. The BenQ E55 retails for approx. $230. [Sogi]

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