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Google Vision Concept Phone

by Johan on July 21, 2006

Google Vision Concept Phone

Google Vision Concept Phone is designed by Callum Peden, a designer from UK. It is a cellphone with built-in GPS that scrolls out to reveal a flexible screen. This phone will be to use image recognition and GPS data to tell you what you’re looking at. The good news of this concept phone is that Google only need to buy the technology and put them all together since all the technology needed to build this phone are already exists.

Via Personal Tech Pipeline.

Upcoming Motorola Capri

by Johan on June 9, 2006

Upcoming Motorola Capri

These are some photos of the upcoming Motorola Capri slider cellphone. It is about the same size as the Slvr, it will probably have a miniSD/TransFlash slot to store plenty of tunes. Rumor said that it will be equipped with a high resolution camera, with a CCD to be around 2.2 megapixels. Via Gizmodo.


Polymer Vision Concept Cell Phone

by Mr. Roboto on March 21, 2006

Polymer Vision Concept Cell Phone
This concept cell phone is from Polymer Vision. It features a 4.8 inch rollout screen in addition to the smaller main screen on the front of the phone. The company plans to market the design for other products with a similar rollout screen, such as GPS, etc. Info via OhGizmo!

Apple iPhone On The Way?

by Mr. Roboto on March 20, 2006

Apple iPhone
JP Morgan analysts say that Apple will be launching an iTunes compatible, Mp3 playing mobile phone by the end of 2006. Pictured is a conceptual design of the phone and not an actual picture. Info via T3.

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