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Kicker Conference Phone Concept

by Isaiah on April 15, 2009

Kicker Conference Phone Concept

Kickerstudio has come out with a new concept phone which is specially made to solve the most common issues people have during conference calls. Here are some of the issues which the phone tries to fix:

  • Synchronizes with calendars and contacts for one-tap dialing
  • Quickly see who’s talking on a call and who wants to speak
  • “Hand Raising” to indicate a desire to speak
  • Recording and marking of calls
  • Multi-line dialing
  • Adjusting individual lines for the best overall conference call quality

Now let’s see if this cool concept will go into production soon. For more details please visit Kickerstudio official website. More

Eco Friendly Aqua Liquid Phone

by Johan on April 10, 2009

Eco Friendly Aqua Liquid Phone

Sean Park has designed the Aqua Liquid cellphone featuring liquid fuel cell technology which is fully recyclable. Its e-ink display requires less power than normal displays when used, giving the phone longer battery span. Unfortunately, the Aqua Liquid phone is only a concept but the specs look very promising. More

Whiskey Cyon Phone Concept

by Isaiah on March 5, 2009

Whiskey Cyon Phone

Designed by Juyoung Kim, the Whiskey Cyon Phone is another conceptual phone that has a color-changing feature based on distance, the phones changes its color to reflect that distance. A mild color for short distance incoming calls and a deep matured whiskey color for long distance/overseas incoming calls. The phone is also equipped with a full touchscreen display and an 8 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept at this stage but it might get into production real soon! [YANKO] More

Granite Phone: Good Looks, Great Design

by Isaiah on February 2, 2009

Granite Phone

Inspired by a polished river pebble, designer Sachin Mistry has designed this artistic concept phone named ‘Granite’. This unique cellphone comes packed with a built-in 3MP camera, 3.1-inch touchscreen display, a solid state 8 gig drive for music, photo and general data storage. The device is also compatible with Windows and OSX, just simply connects it via Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Though the phone is still a concept at this stage, perhaps we’ll be seeing it in the near future. [TheDesignBlog]

Speak To Me Concept Watch Phone

by Isaiah on February 1, 2009

Speak To Me Concept Watch Phone

Designed by Nicolas Nicolaou, the Speak To Me concept combines a wrist watch and a mobile phone at the same time. This stylish device features a touchscreen, voice recognition technology, a scrolling function that allows you to switch between apps and options and a built in camera which enables the users to click pictures and be able to send the same in real time. It also supports internet, email, Bluetooth and alerts. Though it’s still a concept at this stage, perhaps we’ll be seeing it in the near future. [Concept Phones]

Nokia Strapup Phone

by Johan on January 31, 2009

Nokia Strapup Phone

Nokia comes back with their new concept phone. This wearable phone is a perfect tool for those who prefer gestures over text or voice. Actually, it is not a phone, but it is a device that translates your body movements into predefined text and transmits it to others automatically. [The Design Blog]

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