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Fujitsu F906i Mobile Phone Released

by Johan on May 30, 2008

Fujitsu F906i Mobile Phone Released

The Fujitsu F906i cell phone provides a rotating screen that can be viewed in a landscape format for your viewing pleasure. The handset features 3.2 inch’ widescreen VGA display, 3.2MP camera, a secondary VGA camera, microSD/SDHC memory card slot, 1-Seg TV tuner, an integrated FM radio, GPS navigation, and audio/ video playback. You can watch TV and surf the Internet simultaneously with the split screen technology. [Akihabara]

Fujitsu F706i Phone Allows You To Watch TV Underwater

The Fujitsu F706i is a waterproof phone that can withstand water pressure upto 6 meters. Measuring 109mm × 49mm × 16.9mm and weighs 137grams, the phone allows you to watch TV underwater. This clamshell phone adopts a 2.7 inch display screen, HSDPA connectivity, 2MP camera, Micro SDHC card slot, full web browser and support for playback of popular audio and video formats. [Newlaunches]

Fujitsu Waterproof F705i

by Vie on January 23, 2008


Here’s something every phone addict should have. With this new Fujitsu F705i, you don’t have to pause your conversation with your girl just to shower. The phone itself features 1.3Mpix camera and the Quick Zoom with measurements of 106x49x13.7mm, 111g and total 170min of talk time and 100min for videophone. This is definitely the world’s most slimmest, waterproof and 3G phone. More pictures after the jump.


Fujitsu FOMA F704i Waterproof Cell Phone

by Johan on July 17, 2007

Fujitsu FOMA F704i Waterproof Cell Phone

The Fujitsu FOMA F704i is a waterproof cell phone which features “FOMA World Ring” that works all across the globe, a 1.3MP shooter, a built-in MP3 player with WMA compatibility, and Napster to Go functionality. Just remember that you can’t go scuba diving with this cell phone since it is only waterproof up to 3 meter in depth. At least you can continue talking to 1-900 Numbers ‘friends’ while taking a shower, just have your credit card ready.


Fujitsu’s Four-way Slider Phone

by Johan on November 24, 2006

Fujitsu’s 4-way Slider Phone

T3 provides us with a video of Fujitsu’s 4-way slider phone concept, which features a full keyboard for web use and instant messaging. It is also features Fujitsu’s “multi-slider”, which features a virtual keypad allowing it to display a pad appropriate to whichever way the keypad slides out: left, right, up or down. Fujitsu’s concept machines are on show this week in Milan’s Triennale di Milano as part of a Japanese Design exhibition. Watch the video for more details…

Via RegHardware.


Fujitsu F702id Clamshell with Dual Megapixel Cameras

The Fujitsu F702id is sized at 98 x 51 x 33mm, and weighs 114 grams. It has a 2.2” TFT LCD and dual cameras. The primary camera is 1.28 MP, and is used mainly for regular things like taking pictures. The other one is a little bit lower in quality at 1.1 MP, and is used for video phone. To keep it secure, the Fujitsu F702id has a biometric finger sensor which will probably useful when a thief steals your phone. It is a rare feature for a cellular phone. There is no further information about pricing. Please visit MobileMagazine for more updates.

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