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Samsung SCH-W399 Flip Phone with Talking GPS

by FreshEffect on April 1, 2006


Samsung continues to put out brand new phones with brand new technology. The newest advancement for their phones is talking GPS. Now you can have your GPS that talks on the go at all times. Not only does the SCH-W399 will have GPS, but it has a camera, 57mb of on-board memory, and 2.2 inch screen that can support 260,000 colors with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. Via New Launches.

ImCoSys Linux Smartphone

by Mr. Roboto on March 25, 2006

ImCoSys Linux Smartphone
Swiss-based ImCoSys has just announced its June 2006 release of its Linux Smartphone. The phone will feature GPS, Bluetooth, an internet browser with email functions, a document viewer that supports PDFs, a touchscreen, 64 MB Flash, and few other goodies (but no camera). The price will be around 300 Euros (about $350). Info via The Gadget Blog.


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