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A smartphone is now an invaluable part of travelling, allowing you to make reservations, access maps, and stay in touch with friends back home. When planning a trip, don’t forget to make sure that your Android smartphone or tablet is up for the journey. Particularly if you’ve had your device for some time, it could be prone to running out of batteries quickly or suffer from a slow connection. By taking the time to install the following apps, you could enhance your phone’s performance to be sure that it’s ready to take you abroad.

Android Booster Apps

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The 7 Best Features of the All-New Android L

by Jeremiah on October 20, 2014

There’s strong anticipation for the pending release of the next Android operating system. The project goes by the code name “Android L.” Fans of Android as well as industry analysts, bloggers, and technology experts are looking forward to an operating system that extends battery power, improves overall performance, and gives users an amped up interface. Check out this list of the seven best features of “Android L.”


Having a company means that you also have a big responsibility, and therefore you will have to take care about all the issues that might appear. No matter your area of expertise, it is essential to keep in mind that you will need to communicate a lot with people from all over the country, and even from the world. Therefore, your success may actually depend on the communication rate. Now that you have all this information, you should think about all the communication ways and about all the solutions that will increase your productivity.


THL T11 is amazingly much more than a simple cellphone. It is an intelligent device that can serve multiple functionalities in a number of fields. THL T11 3G Phablet is manufactured by utilizing the advanced technology especially to provide exceptional performance and impressive applications. This Android 4.2 3G Smartphone is extremely useful in your day-to-day life for managing communication, finding latest news, having fun with recreational applications, etc. It is featured with Dual SIM capability enabling you to incorporate a variety of contact information without having to carry a number of mobiles everywhere you go. 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM offer surplus amounts of memory in order to meet your needs for saving enough data like music, movies, files, games and so on. The price of the THL T11 is $233.53 at


With 5.0 inch multi-touch capacitive display screen combined with 1280 x 720 resolution, it delivers you an extensive visual field to watch high definition as well as high-fidelity visuals and movies. Its powerful GPS system can help you to locate and discover the appropriate route in the strange cities. Being equipped with MTK6592W Octa Core 1.7GHz CPU assures consistent and fast processing speed. You can undoubtedly trust it, and it will certainly provide a great deal of ease and comfort to you. THL T11 is truly well-designed to facilitate you to keep in pace with the times and stay in touch with your acquaintances and associates!


Download your most loved applications through the Google Play Store or Market introduced. This advanced cell is composed just to work with the current Android/Windows OS introduced in it. The mentioned ROM capacity demonstrates the most extreme accessible ROM with nothing installed yet. On the other hand, the Android/Windows OS and preinstalled programming from the manufacturer will occupy some of this ROM. The accessible ROM on the gadget will subsequently be somewhat less than the capacity mentioned.


THL T11 3g Smartphone, the ideal operation speed and execution more than you anticipated. Propelled and inventive NFC characteristic, helpfully and effectively achieves all you imagine. Installed with a 1.7 ghz fast Mtk6592w Octa Core processor and a substantial limit memory, it can help you easily adapt to diverse challenges. More advanced architectural design will bring a sturdier arithmetic capacity. It would provide you with the wonderful experience through 2gb RAM + 16gb ROM mass storage with which you can have various intriguing and fun APPS, play a lot of entertaining games, HD video play, celebrate each moment of your life.


Landed in a newcity? Cannot find the way you need to go? Don’t worry at all! THL T11 comes with built-in satellite navigation chip, which enables the THL T11 3g Smartphone to discover the satellite immediately and enrich the fun of your trip while, you will never lose the track your route even in an unknown city. It possesses the advanced Android 4.2 OS, with completely enhanced operating speed and more user friendly UI plan; Massive Apps are accessible for downloading for you to enjoy the fun of Apps anytime anywhere.

Optimising For Mobile First

by Jeremiah on July 23, 2014

Responsive Web Design Devices

Designing web pages is becoming ever more complicated nowadays. When designing a website or even a mailer, one has to consider not only different browser types on desktop, but also, many types of different mobile devices, software and screen sizes – one must optimise their content for all of them. This presents a great problem, not just from the point of view of getting web pages, apps etc. to work in the first place, but it also requires a whole new approach to design and layout.

Some stats

Optimising for different devices was a big talking point at SAScon. Various speakers emphasised the importance of optimising for mobile devices. Many even suggested designing and optimising your site with mobile in mind first, and then making something work for desktop. If use e-mails as an example, over 65% of e-mails are opened on a tablet or phone. Since most of us don’t have the time to read, and even less of us enjoy having to scroll lots to read something, it is important that your content is succinct and informative – it must captivate the reader straight away. Interestingly the use of multi-device readership has caused a shift in the approach to designing which many now call the pinterestification of the web. This is where content is organised in small easily digestible boxes. This makes it easy for people browsing, and easier for optimising across many different devices.

In the developed world, for the most part, we have already reached the tipping point whereby usage of mobile devices trumps that of desktop; particularly when it comes to internet usage. 90% of people are now defined as ‘multi-screen’ users; this means that they use both mobile and desktop devices during the day. Over time it is expected that many people will permanently ditch desktop usage. This being the case, it will only become ever more important to optimise for mobile devices first. Nonetheless this could be of great benefit; right now having to optimise for many different types of device and software is very time consuming. If the trend shifts more heavily towards mobile usage, then optimising for larger screens will become less important over time, and consequently might not be necessary altogether.

Mobile only

There are many companies now that have already made the decision to drop optimising for desktop, and make products that are very mobile specific. You don’t have to look further than the hugely profitable sector of mobile HD games, which have become popular in many sectors including the gambling industry. There are an endless variety of games and apps that can be played on your phone; and only on your phone. From iconic games such as Angry Birds and temple run to the making of mobile versions to old games we used to love like Vice City, and even much older classics too.

Mobile devices will certainly continue to become the norm to optimise for. It is difficult to say when there will come a point where desktop will become practically obsolete, of course, this might never happen neither.

A mobile phone signal booster addresses the issue brought on by the shortcomings of mobile network providers in terms of providing for the needs of an increasing number of subscribers. Every day, the hundreds of new cell phone owners add to the pool of users, and networks can’t keep up with as many base stations as the demand requires.

Defining the problem

It’s not really the network’s fault that there are mountains and hills the cause interference, or that the buildings in the area are made from concrete, window tinting, and metal siding that also interfere will the cell phone signal. The geographical and structural factors exist and despite the fact that signals go mostly through air unimpeded, there will be structures that cause attenuation before it reaches the subscriber. Local building regulations and resources prevent service providers from constructing towers wherever there are subscribers. As a result, many people deal with inconsistent network service and oftentimes, work performance and even personal relationships suffer as a result of dropped calls and unsent messages.


The definitive solution

The increasing unreliability of GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi signals has led to an increased demand for the mobile phone signal booster. This is an invention that has proven very handy indeed for people who regularly experience problems related to their mobile phone signal. This device is for home use but it may also be installed in office buildings and factories. Many of the boosters being sold today can also improve the reception while on the road.

Convenient and cost-effective

anytone at400

Having the means to access data wherever they are is the reason why people go for the latest smartphones and gadgets. However, no matter how hi-tech their devices are the inadequacy of 3G, GSM or Wi-Fi signal will still limit their capability to send and receive messages, images, videos, and other relevant files. Instead of swapping cell phone providers, purchasing a booster is the more convenient alternative. Having one installed will also benefit other people in the building who are using the same network. Since more people will benefit from the device, it can be considered a very cost-effective solution in the long run.

Immediate signal boost with signal amplification

Despite the efforts made by network providers to expand their coverage area, some locations remain “dead zones” and the people residing within its scope have to make do with paltry signal. Rather than wait for carriers to do something about the problem and just live with the frustration of living in an area with degraded signal, it makes more sense to be proactive about the issue and address it immediately. Reception problems, whether it involves Wi-Fi connectivity, GSM signal, or 3G signal, is rooted on the need for amplification.

A booster amplifies the signal detected by an external antenna immediately outside of the structure. Once amplified, the signal is propagated inside the structure through an internal antenna. The boosted signal is broadcast within the whole building such that the strength of the reception is the same all throughout the interior.


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