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It is a well-known fact that a modern person is surrounded by a big number of various gadgets practically wherever he or she is. Whether we want it or not all the devices produce certain amount of radiation that gets into the atmosphere and influences us in some way.

Debates are Still Going On

Scientists still argue about the amount of harm of technological radiation to people. There are a lot of opposing points of view on the issue.

Gadgets are not in Favor Anymore

After the first information appeared about the potential danger of various tools e.g. mobile phones, a mobile phone signal booster, etc some people made a decision to stop using the gadgets at all. I think that with the current mode of life, it can be rather hard.


You have to refer to various devices like phones or microwaves, as we cannot imagine our lives without them anymore.

A Mobile Phone Booster is Harmless

As it has been mentioned above, serious studies have not been conducted yet about the harmful effect of mobile phone signal boosters. At the same time, how can a single mobile phone signal booster increase dramatically the electromagnetic background of the area? The impact of the tool is going to be very slight. Visit and make sure that mobile booster is safe for your life.

The emitted power is very small, and even if you have made up your mind to pack the office with lots of mobile phones amplifiers, nothing is likely to change. There is an opposite research which proves that a mobile signal amplifier sends out many times less radiation than a cell phone itself that do not possess enough signal.

That is why, some advanced researchers claim to solve of the problem of a bad mobile signal in the shortest time. They say that if you get rid of a mobile phone at all, you can become healthy, but, at present, such an option is hardly taken into consideration.

In such a way, there is no need to be afraid of installing a cell phone signal booster in your house or office as it is not likely to bring any damage to your health.
Numerous speculations about possible harmful effect of cell phone amplifiers have no ground at all.


It has been told millions of times that modern life is just impossible without a mobile phone. Have you seen how people behave when there is no mobile connection, the line is not very good, or they do not have a strong signal? In most cases, they feel rather annoyed and immediately start doing something to get rid of the problem.

Paying off for Modern Conveniences

At the same time, all those who possess a mobile phone should get used to the idea that as soon as you have a cell phone, they should be ready to suffer from mobile connection interferences from time to time. To tell the truth, it is a kind of payoff for modern conveniences.


However, it does not mean that having come across a poor signal; you do not have to forget about a mobile phone conversation.

Detecting Phone Signal Reasons

The first thing that should be done is to identify the reason of a bad signal. They are the absence of a transmitting tower in the nearest distance; you are in a very high building that is packed with all kinds of electronic equipment, which seems to prevent cell phone connection; sometimes, bad weather can be blamed for weak cell phone signal, as your area can witness some thunderstorms or a magnetic storm etc.
In case you have detected the probable reason for bad mobile phone service, it is high time to act.

Tips to Tackle Bad Mobile Phone Signal

Change the Location

Firstly, try to change your place and walk around a little bit. You may be lucky enough to spot the place with an excellent signal.

Hold a Mobile in the Right Way

Secondly, if the place cannot be guilty for a bad signal, then pay attention to how you are holding the phone. You may just cover the inner antenna with your hand, or your phone is upside down. After you changing the phone position, the situation may improve.


Drastic Measures are Applied

Thirdly, if a poor signal is your constant problem, you need to take drastic measures and to purchase a device that will solve the current issue. You need to buy a mobile phone signal booster at MyAmplifiers which main aim is to intensify the signal that a phone gets from the company tower. There are various options for different places: for your home, an office or even high-rise buildings where the signal should be boosted more than usual.
Having put in such a gadget you can forget about weak mobile connection forever.

Replacing the Company Provider

Fourthly, you can always refer to another radical step like changing the provider. But that seems to be the worst decision ever.
There are a lot of drastic measures that you may take when solving a weak cell phone issue: changing the service provider, looking for better places where there is a good mobile phone signal or get a habit of holding a phone correctly, but the most effective one is to get a mobile phone signal booster.

It is summertime already, and you must be planning to go on your vacations soon. Now that you are going to be away from your X-Box or PlayStation for a while, you might want to download some of the best games on your iPhones. In this post, I have picked 5 games that you will truly enjoy.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are into car games, then you must surely have Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 installed on your iPhone. In this game, you will feel the thrill and adrenaline rush while zooming on cars at ridiculous speeds. As you keep winning the missions, the game will take you across many exciting cities, and some of the stunts that you can do on this game are absolutely unbelievable. You will love to play this game while traveling.


Spider: Hornet Smash

This game has been introduced by Tiger Style, and it is an excellent combination of role playing and adventure. In this game will be performing the role of the spider, and your job would be to defend yourself when being attacked by the swarming hornets which are very angry. You also get some interesting health boosts for munching on lacewings. If you like small games, then you will surely love this one.


Skylanders Cloud Patrol

With more than 2 million downloads, Skylanders Cloud Patrol is definitely the game which you will want to download on your iPhone. You will truly enjoy the company of Skylanders, and the adventures will take you across the skies where you will need to deal with the menacing trolls. You will enjoy moving your fingers, while shooting the trolls and unlocking more than 30 new Skylanders, which will give you the edge while fighting the trolls.


WSOP Real Money Poker games

Why not have fun and make some money while traveling this summer? The app can be a great choice, because they offer $10.00 free for signing up with them. Also, you can play some tournaments and games without having to deposit money.

This is a game which anybody can play and win for real. However, you will need to be at least 21 years of age to play poker tournaments and games on this app. This WSOP app is safe and secure. The company has been into poker tournaments for more than 40 years. They’re legal company and are governed under the norms set by the New Jersey gaming enforcement. They use advanced security measures to protect your bankroll and privacy. If you are into mobile poker, then this is definitely the game for you. It doesn’t matter if you are not going to Las Vegas on holidays, you can still enjoy the thrill of winning from just about anywhere.

Letterpress – Word Game

If you enjoy letter games and mind teasers, then you must surely check out Letterpress. It works on all the Apple devices. You could also play this game with your friends from anywhere across the world, by using the game center. For anyone who is fond of making strategies and having fun, this game will surely give you that very feeling.


Companies offering mobile card payments (Payleven) are beginning to see more merchants opting to take payments via app. This is due to various problems that come with traditional card readers. However, although this industry is growing fast, there still seems to be suspicion surrounding certain it and not a lot is known about how it actually works.

Mobile Chip & PIN payments work by turning a smartphone into a cash register. The merchant just types in the amount of sale after connecting his Chip & PIN reader with his mobile phone, so the amount registers on both devices. This is usually done via Bluetooth pairing. Once the devices are paired, the customer inserts his card, enters his pin and pays; it’s really as simple as taking old and reliable technologies and moving them into the future.
So what about security? Just as with traditional Chip & PIN card readers, the merchant cannot access any personal data from the customer’s card. He simply sees whether or not payment can be confirmed, nothing else. Money is transferred as with traditional card payments; via banks and third parties, so there is also no way for the merchant to trace these details post bank transfer. Of course as a customer you should always ensure that these methods are above board- there will always be tricksters. Never write your pin or card number into someone’s smartphone (the merchant should never ask you for these details) and always be aware of the information they are asking of you. These transactions take place in exactly the same way as traditional card payments, so if anything seems odd to you, don’t continue with payment.

Overall, mobile Chip & PIN payments are a useful way to allow anyone to take card payments, without a lot of the downsides of traditional card readers. However, there are still some misconceptions about the technology, so be sure it is the right solution for you before you consider employing it. If you would like more information visit

The Best Android Poker App

by Isaiah on October 1, 2013


As we all know poker is an extremely popular game (both online and offline), and there are thousands of free and paid poker games for Android. One of the best Android poker Apps that we have come across is one offered by 888 poker online, the 888Poker Android App. With its very simple to use App, players can play a variety of mobile games including 888 Poker Cash Games, 888 Poker Sit-n-Go’s and a good selection of Multi-Table Tournaments. Now if you happen to live in Canada, you can visit the to join Canada’s fastest growing online poker community. Start playing real-money poker game wherever you are, on the bus, in the cab, on the train, on a ferry or on a lunch break by downloading the 888Poker Android App today.

Do You Let Apps in Your Classroom?

by Jeremiah on September 21, 2013

Five years ago, the technology debate was all about whether to let students use laptops in the classroom. Not anymore. These days, you’re more likely to see a student recording lectures, looking up references, and taking notes on a smartphone or tablet – frequently with the aid of a third-party app. This, of course, is causing some conflicting emotions among educators. How can you effectively teach a course, with its emphasis on exploration and the freedom to fail, while knowing that at least one student is recording the entire thing? What about the student who is busy looking up references online but comes across contradictory, poorly-sourced information?

If you’re wary of letting apps into your classroom, here are a few suggestions to improve both your and your students’ experience…

Recording: What’s Okay, What’s Not
Many instructors are worried about students posting video footage of lecture content online. Some faculty are concerned about intellectual property (both their own as well as that of the university and any authors or sources cited during the lecture), while others want to avoid the potential danger that comes with letting students put your worst teaching moments online for the world to see, like “Professor Flips Out Over Yawn”.

Some universities have already put student recording policies into place, specifying whether lectures can be recorded and whether those recordings can be shared, but if yours has not, it’s time to add a few sentences about lecture recording into your syllabus. As many teachers tell their students on the first day of class: a syllabus is a contract.

Textbooks, E-books, and PDFs
Of course, this comes at a cost. It is difficult to see which students are actually using the textbook if the majority of your students simply have phones or tablets in front of them. Some students prefer to use torrented or ripped textbook files instead of purchasing the full textbook package. Others copy and share textbooks via PDF, the equivalent of last generation’s students going to the library and photocopying an entire book.

The Wikipedia App, and Other Unreliable Sources
Despite the fact that Wikipedia is roughly as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica, many professors still prefer students gain information from primary sources, rather than following along with the watered-down summary of Barthes, Mendel, or Napoleon available on the Wikipedia app.

Manage Apps by Welcoming Apps
What’s an effective, technology-supportive educator to do? One of the best ways to manage the use of apps in your classroom is to suggest them yourself. Start with a list provided by AIMU, which includes popular file-sharing apps like Dropbox as well as syllabus and group project management app Wunderlist. Include these apps in your first day of class and talk to students about how you’ll be sharing articles on Dropbox, adding podcasts on Podomatic, or updating assignment due dates on a shared Google Calendar.

What are your favorite classroom apps? Have you tried any apps that were unsuccessful? Let us know in the comments.

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