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Ipevo Free-1 USB Skype Phone

by Johan on September 4, 2006

Ipevo Free-1 USB Skype Phone

The Ipevo Free-1 is an advanced USB phone specially made for Skype users. With lightweight and stylish design, programmable buttons provides you with higher level of convenience. The phone allows you to have better control of Skype and make SkypeOut calls via the keypad. Ten different ring tones alert you of incoming calls. Other features include volume control, mic mute, speed dial, and LED light indication. It is now available for $35 at Ipevo.

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Philips Introduces PC-Free Skype-Certified DECT Phone

Philips introduces the DECT phone for Skype, which works without a PC, to communicate via the Internet. The Philips VOIP841 is the latest digital home communications products from Philips that is showcasing at IFA 2006. Using this handset, Skype users can benefit from total flexibility and call even when their PC is not connected.

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SkyTone USB Phone

by Johan on August 28, 2006

SkyTone USB Phone

The SkyTone USB Phone, RST102, is made by Radian Technologies and connects via USB to any laptop. You just need to install its software from the provided CD, turn on Skype, and the handset is ready to use. RST102 features a large backlit LCD display, conference call support, USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible, echo cancellation, noise reduction support, Caller ID function, and powered by USB cord. For more details, visit Radian Technologies.

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Verballs Talking Handsfree For Skype Phone

by Johan on July 25, 2006

Verballs Talking Handsfree For Skype Phone

Verballs Talking Handsfree is an animated handsfree USB Skype phones which features a handsfree microphone and quality speaker. The most interesting part of this handfree is when you have answered the phone call; a Verball will move its mouth at exactly the same time as your friend talks to you. The handsfree horns that light up and arms that wave when someone is calling. With this toy, you can also listen to your MP3s, download ringtones, use text to speech software. Verballs Talking Handsfree is only £29.95 and it will be available in September this year.

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SMC’s First Certified Skype Wi-Fi Phone

by Johan on July 24, 2006

SMC's First Certified Skype Wi-Fi Phone

SMC Networks launched its first Wireless Internet mobile phone, SMC WSKP100 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. The WiFi phone includes Skype software which allows free calls to Skype users anywhere in the world and enables calling to ordinary landlines and mobile phones using SkypeOut at a very low cost. It delivers 3 hours continuous talk-time and 30 hour standby time from its internal Li-Ion Battery which can be recharged from any USB enabled socket. The new SMC WiFi Phone will be available in Q3 2006. SRP will be $230 USD.

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Belkin Wi-Fi Phone For Skype

by Johan on July 21, 2006

Belkin Wi-Fi Phone For Skype

Using this Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype, you can enjoy free unlimited phone calls over Wi-Fi networks, without your computer. This phone works anywhere in the world through secured or open access to a Wi-Fi network without a computer. So you can make and receive calls at home, at your office, in cafes, or through municipal access. The price is $179.99 and available at Amazon.

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