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Doro ip700wifi VoIP Phone

by Johan on August 14, 2008

Doro ip700wifi VoIP Phone

Here is the Doro ip700wifi phone that allows you to make IP calls without the need for a PC or Laptop as long as you are registered to a VoIP service. The Doro ip700wifi is based on the latest data and voice transfer technology – SIP 2.0. This VOIP phone also supports IEEE 802.11b for fast, reliable and encrypted communication over WLAN/Wi-Fi networks. Other features include a color display, vibration signal, over 10 language options and a telephone directory with 100 numbers. The Doro ip700wifi also adopts Comfort Noise Generation, Voice Activity Detection and Echo Cancellation that will help you hold crystal clear conversations. What makes this phone cool is that you can update its firmware via Wi-Fi. The Doro ip700wifi VoIP Phone retails for around $230. [Press Release]

Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone

by Johan on June 23, 2008

Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone

The Tandberg E20 VOIP Business Phone provides a 5MP shooter that is positioned at eye-level view and a 10.6-inch display screen for a better visual experience on both sides of the call. The phone also has a 20kHz speaker phone, 10kHz handset, IP-related telephony functions and the ability to receive multimedia presentations. You can expect to see this gadget early next year. No word on pricing at this time. [Product Page]

Creative WiFi VideoPhone

by Gizmo Girl on December 20, 2007

Creative WiFi VideoPhone

Recently approved by the FCC, the Creative WiFi Videophone is now available in stores. They feature certain specs such: WiFi b/g, Integrated webcam, 7-inch display, H.264 video, VOIP, Audio and video out, and Contact list, as well as Calls list. Keep your eyes out for this Jetson’s-like phone.


Axive’s Q Internet Phone

by Johan on May 3, 2007


The Q Internet Phone consist of a pair of 2W stereo speakers, a microphone, a webcam, and speakerphone functionality. You just need to hook this device up to any available USB port, install the necessary drivers, and ensure your Skype account is up and running before you start chatting away for free with other Skype users. Its echo cancellation microphone has a pick up radius of up to 5 meters while the webcam can be concealed to keep dust from the lens. No word on pricing yet.

Via EverythingUSB

Buffalo’s VoIP Speakerphone

by Johan on April 25, 2007


Buffalo’s latest VoIP speakerphone is targeted towards business folks and your average chum. Known as the BSKP-CU202/SV, the handset has a built in echo and noise canceling circuitry. The phone retails for $82.

Via Product Page

3Com 3108 VoIP Clamshell Handset

by Johan on October 23, 2006

3Com 3108 VoIP Clamshell Handset

Most VoIP handsets come in the traditional candybar shape which is ugly. And now 3Com decided to inject some life into the VoIP phone market with the cordless clamshell 3108 that runs on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) structure as well as WiFi networks. Since the 3108’s WiFi connectivity is limited by the range of a wireless network, you won’t be bringing this around when you go traveling unless you’re sure your destination is dotted with WiFi hotspots. Pick one up for just US$145 today.

Via UberPhones.

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