Cingular LG CU400 – The 3G Push-to-Talk Phone

by Johan on December 6, 2006


Cingular is now offering LG’s CU400, the 3G Internet and video phone. It is the first phone from Cingular, which support a push-to-talk function allowing you to speak with up to 30 people.

The phone also supports the ultra fast UMTS data transmission for downloads, music clips, and email. With Cingular video service feature, you can watch video, TV, news, and more. Other specs include 4x zoom & video VGA camera, Bluetooth connectivity, MPEG4 and RealVideo support, MobiTV & MobiRadio, Quad-band world phone with domestic UMTS, and more. Its battery has up to 5 hours of talk time with up to 12 days of standby time.

Measuring 3.36 inches x 1.89 inches x .90 inches and weighing just 3.27 ounces, the CU400 is now available from Cingular for US$230 at retail or US$30 with a two-year agreement plan.

Via Slashphone

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