Dexim P-Flip Folding Solar iPhone Dock Charger

by Johan on October 16, 2010

SkyMall has started selling the Dexim P-Flip solar charger for iPhone 4, 3G, or 3GS. The Dexim DCA 223 P-Flip folds into a compact package that’s easy to take with you. Flip it open and the cool looking camouflage-colored solar panels can fully charge your iPhone. The gadget also adopts a 2000mAh battery, so you don’t need to be charging your iPhone exclusively while the sun is out. It takes around 15 hours of natural sunlight to fully charge your hungry power iPhone. In addition, you can also plug the P-Flip into the wall or a car charger. $79.99 is all you need to bring home the Dexim P-Flip solar charger. [Product Page]

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