Emporia RL1 Smartphone

by Johan on May 29, 2011

Emporia RL1 Smartphone

Emporia and Vodafone have just announced the release of a stylish-looking feature phone, the Emporia RL1. Exclusively available from Vodafone, the Emporia RL1 has a clear/ bright screen with an adjustable text size. When there’s an incoming call, the built-in torch blinks to let you know. It is ideal for those who struggle a little with hearing or who have to contend with a noisy environment. The Emporia RL1 has large buttons with clearly labeled numbers, making it easier to key numbers in correctly. The phone’s ringtone can be adjusted to a very high volume. Additional features include an alarm clock, a calculator and a birthday reminders tool. The Emporia RL1 is priced at $99 on Vodafone’s monthly Pay As You Go plan. [Engadget Mobile]

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