Hands-On with LG SV420 Shine

by FreshEffect on October 28, 2006

Hands-On with LG SV420 Shine

T3 provides us with a hands-on video of LG’s SV420 as known as the Shine. This phone features a TFT-LCD display, 2.0-megapixel camera, brushed aluminum accents, 1GB of built-in memory, music player, and a host of multimedia features. Video after the jump.

Via T3.

Unlike the Chocolate phone, the Shine doesn’t have a touchscreen – a good thing as its mirrored stainless steel shell is a furious collector of thumbprints – instead relying on a wide scroll wheel that clicks satisfyingly round with every nudge. It’s an extremely robust and precise way to navigate the menu screens, although being limited to an ‘up-down’ mechanism can feel a little restrictive

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