Hauppauge Broadway Streams Digital TV To Your iPhone

by Johan on January 10, 2011

Hauppauge Digital will launch a new product for the TV-addicted iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. Dubbed as the Broadway, this gadget can be used in the home, for example, to watch a TV series or a news program on your iPhone. Your handset will display a list of Broadway provided TV channels from your cable TV network, and once you have chosen a TV channel, touching the iPhone screen with your finger will prompt the live TV program to fill the entire screen. If you travel and have an Internet connection on your iPhone, you can also watch live TV from your home anywhere in the world. The Hauppauge Broadway connects to your home network router and transmits the TV signal through your network router over the Internet to your Apple device. It is compatible with any standard home wired or 802.11g or 802.11n wireless router. The Hauppauge Broadway will be available in North America next month for $199 each. [Press Release]

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