by Jeremiah on April 21, 2016


The rise in popularity of mobile-based gaming over the past few years has resulted in an absolute explosion of innovative high quality gaming experiences developed purely for the mobile market. It’s an ever-expanding pool of new gamers from all backgrounds and of all ages which has meant that online gaming has once more has to evolve across a number of new and exciting mobile-based platforms and devices.

Smartphone gaming in particular has come on leaps and bounds mostly thanks to the development of various innovations in mobile technology. There are hordes of various mobile-based games out there now on the market whether they’re specific Android apps or online casino games like Mermaids millions. No longer are users dealing with primitive versions of the classic Nokia game ‘Snake’ instead they’re being treated to vastly more complex gaming experiences such as MMO efforts like ‘Clash of Clans’ or full HD graphic intense gaming apps like ‘Need For Speed: Most Wanted’. It has quite literally become gaming in your pocket and has posed a real threat to that long tradition of console gaming.

Recently Samsung unleashed their latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S7 which bought with it plenty to talk it and enjoy. Along with its Samsung sister piece the Galaxy S7 Edge the new handsets were met with praise from many tech critics and smartphone experts despite its rather unreasonable price tag but thankfully it’s a device that will certainly keep avid gamers happy.

The new S7 includes a special folder called the Game Launcher which now only organises all the games on your smartphone into one single convenient location but also features a couple of handy settings. Gamers can not only switch off app notifications when they’re playing but they can also set their phones to power save and automatically adjust both the resolution and the graphics of the game in question to help retain that all important battery life.


The gameplay is smoother on the S7 mostly thanks to its powerful internal processor and its special liquid cooling feature. And whilst the improvements under the hood for gamers are very much welcome the addition of a new Game tools menu has also pleased a lot of players out there. The new menu gives players the opportunity to take a an instant screenshot as well as record their mobile gaming session and it’s music to the ears of gamers at a time when video game content and the popularity of other gaming entertainment and platforms such as are on the rise. Not only can you record but you can even narrate in real-time, perfect for players looking to provide friends and the online gaming community with specific gaming info and run-through sessions.

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