HP iPAQ 500 Video Review

by Johan on July 13, 2007

HP iPAQ 500 Video Review

PhoneArena has a comprehensive review of the HP iPAQ 500. As a reminder, the gadget features a 220 x 176 TFT display, 200-MHz OMAP850 processor, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, Bluetooth connectivity, and a microSD card slot. Watch the video review after the jump. Here is the verdict.

The HP iPAQ is a well-packed smartphone with pocket size and pleasant design that isn’t a fashion-attraction, but also isn’t ugly. We like that it has WM6 instead of 5, and built-in WiFi and powerful battery, but don’t encourage using displays with small resolution, as smaller amount of applications are available this way. If you don’t plan on loading lots of 3rd party apps and can live with those available in the 176×220 resolution, this one is an excellent choice. But if you require QVGA resolution, look at the VOX which will offer similar functionality, better display and QWERTY, but at higher price tag and bigger size.


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