HP’s New Line Of Mobile Devices With GPS

by Johan on August 2, 2007


HP is about to upgrade their mobile series with Windows Mobile 6 operating system. The iPAQ VoiceMessenger 514 has been the first member of this new generation, which will also include integrated GPS functionality. The other series will be configured in the following way:

  • 100 Series: The substitute of old the rz1710. Entry range PDA with no phone but at for a very low price
  • 200 Series: PDA/PND (autonomous GPS) hybrids, replacing the range iPAQ rx57/59
  • 300 Series: equipped with a VGA screen (replacing ancestral the iPAQ hx4700)
  • 500 Series: medium range smartphones
  • 600 Series: 3G PDA phones equipped with keyboard and integrated GPS.
  • 900 Series: The successor of the HP iPAQ hw6915. Specially designed for business users.

The first devices from the new HP line-up will be released at the end of the year.

via The Gadget Blog

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