LG AX355 With Touch2Talk Feature

by Johan on July 29, 2006

LG AX355 With Touch2Talk Feature

LG Electronics introduced the LG AX355 which has a 1.3MP digital camera and hands-free Bluetooth(R) wireless technology. The phone measures 1.85 Inch x 3.62 Inch x .89 Inch and weighs around 3.8 oz. The phone works well with CDMA 800 MHz, CDMA 1900 MHz and 800 MHz analog. The phone also supports Axcess Instant Messaging which lets you to chat anytime, anywhere through your AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger accounts. The phone is also Touch2Talk capable which lets you to upgrade to walkie-talkie calls to regular wireless calls and lets you to send messages to all members of a Touch2Talk group. The LG AX355 is capable of Voice dialing and comes equipped with a speakerphone. The AX355 is available from Alltel for $69.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. LG AX355 has 210 minutes of talk time and 230 hours of standby time.

Via Alltel.

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