LG enV2 Mobile Phone

by Johan on May 15, 2008

PhoneArena has reviewed the LG enV2 mobile phone for Verizon Wireless. It is the latest upgrade of the enV mobile phone that was released last year. The handset is targeted to the consumer who is looking for a small gadget with a full QWERTY keyboard. Here is a verdict.

We are highly impressed with the overall improvements that have been made with the new enV2. It features a more modern and simplistic design with less bulk and more streamlined appearance, larger front dialpad, redesigned QWERTY keypad, larger internal display, 2MP camera, stereo speakers, and supports microSD cards up to 8GB; with the only thing missing here is an HTML browser and an Autofocus system for the camera. We recommend it for anyone that is looking for a reasonably priced phone with excellent call quality and reception, while also requiring a built in QWERTY keypad and other useful features. We also believe that the enV2 is a better device for text messaging when compared to the Samsung Alias U740, due to the fact its QWERTY keypad is rather small, since the buttons cramped together, which causes frequent typing errors. However, for those looking for a higher-end device, the Voyager is the way to go. It has almost every feature one could want, including a full 2.8” touchscreen on the front, secondary display on the inside with QWERTY keypad, stereo speakers, and Mobile TV support.


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