LG Secret Phone Review

by Johan on June 21, 2008

LG Secret Phone Review

PhoneArena has a comprehensive review of the LG Secret phone. The LG Secret KF750 is the third name in the Black Label series, after the Chocolate and the Shine. This slim and stylish slider comes equipped with a 5MP digital camera and touch sensitive navigation keys. Here is the verdict.

Since Secret performs average in all aspects and is very uncomfortable to use, because of the capacitive buttons and the slow software, it is far from being our favorite. As a phone, which is supposed to attract attention with its appearance, we give a low grade to the Korean designers. We hope that next time they will avoid combining materials that do not go together. In theory, all its key characteristics sound good, but the reality is different. Even the touch sensitive display is pointless with this software. The only thing Secret does well is recording and visualizing video files, but having in mind all the other drawbacks, we don’t think those features can save its reputation.


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