MOTORAZR V3- Miami Ink Collection

by Johan on November 17, 2006

MOTORAZR V3- Miami Ink Collection

For those who like tattoo, you may be glad to see that it has also been applied to cell phones as well. MOTORAZR V3 has launched the Miami Ink collection, which gives you chemically-etched tattoos for your cell. The artwork is inspired by Ami James, the leading tattoo artist on TLC’s hit TV show Miami Ink.

The phone features 176 x 220 2.2 inch color display, and a 3D graphics engine that includes a MPEG4 video-clip playback option. It also has a VGA camera with 4x zoom and Bluetooth connectivity.

I really want to buy this phone. Sadly, there is no word on pricing and availability yet.

Via Motorola.

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