Multi Purposes for Saving Text Messages

by Jeremiah on June 12, 2013


There used to be a time when having the ability to send and receive text messages on your phone was a luxury and just that – texts. The messages were probably pretty basic and included information on where you were meeting friends, when your kids were done with practice or even a reminder to the spouse to pick up milk. Now, text messages are standard practice and becoming the norm for how people not only manage their personal lives, but their business operations as well. Texting can serve a lot of purposes during the work day that one might not have considered before.

Keep Track of Meetings
Do you get text messages from a friend saying when you are meeting for book club next? Does your child send you a reminder on when and where to pick them up and you save it to remember? Just as saving the personal texts as reminders of your schedule, the same can work for business. Set up the messages so that the ones that contain vital information are saved on the phone so they can be recalled quickly and easily and for fast reference. A quick search of the texts will bring up all of the corresponding ones that meet up with the keyword entered, saving you from scrolling through message after message.

Recall Links
Since so many people are using their phone technology to surf the Internet, shop for products and perform research, sending links to the results is often done through an SMS message. Business text can store pertinent data when it comes to the job, too. Send your coworker a link to a webpage that has a product you think would be of benefit to the department. Send over the study results link via a message that can be recalled during a meeting when the data needs to be shared. Keep the text messages with links in them so that no matter when, where or how long a meeting lasts, the phone you are using can pull up links from a message, either sent by you or received by you, and be mentioned.

Save Contact Information
When you receive a text from someone, chances are they are already stored within your contact list. But maybe the information they are sending in the text is contact information about something else or someone else that doesn’t necessarily require an entry in to your coveted Little Black Book. However, it could be hours to a store you want to visit the address of a restaurant to try out or the field where your kids will be playing their next game that you need to keep a hold of. Store it in the texts and then wait for the event to pass. If you won’t need it again, then it is safe to delete. If you will be going again, visiting again or contacting again, then it may be worthy of permanent entry into the contact book you maintain for future reference if the list of text messages needs to be shaved down.

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