Nokia 101 And 100 Affordable Handsets

by Johan on August 25, 2011

Nokia 101 And 100 Affordable Handsets

The Nokia 101 and 100 are two entry-level handsets, which are powered by the Series 30 operating system. The difference between the two is that the Nokia 101 supports dual-SIM and has an MP3 player. Designed with the fact in mind that these phones are often shared between families, they can support up to five separate address books and store personalization details for up to five different SIM cards. Both cell phones features a grid-based system of icons, a 3.5mm audio connector, preloaded games, and a built-in flashlight. Its battery provides enough juice for up to 25-days of standby time or up to 6.7-hour of talktime. The Nokia 101 and 100 will retail for around €25($36) and €20($28), respectively. [Nokia]

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