Options for Old iPhones

by Jeremiah on May 28, 2013


The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012, and the new iPhone 5S is rumored to come out in the fall 2013. That means, you’ll probably be stuck with an older version. Though you could keep using your current phone, what fun would that be? Sure, you need a backup, but you also have options for ditching your old iPhone. Options include everything from recycling it, selling it or donating it to charity. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look at those pros and cons:

Recycle Your Phone
If you are upgrading from an old iPhone that isn’t in good condition, your best option may be to recycle it. There are many different recycling options, and most of them are relatively simple. Most cities and states provide locals with free programs that allow them to recycle their electronic devices. This option is an environmentally friendly alternative to just throwing your unwanted phone away. Cell phones contain certain materials, primarily metal, that can become toxic or that do not degrade in the environment. Some states, like California, have made it illegal to throw away your old cell phone.

Sell It
You can also sell your old iPhone, but it needs to be in god condition if you want a decent price for it. There a variety of ways you can sell your phone, and each will require you to put in some effort. One option for selling it is doing so online. You can either post your phone on an online auction site like eBay, online classified site like Craigslist, or you could opt to go with one of the online companies that will buy back your old use phone. To find these companies (and other options), type in “sell my phone” in your search engine. There, you will literally find hundreds of options. You could also go old school and post a print classified ad, but print ads – even classifieds – can be a little pricey, so it might be hard to get much money back. The online options, though, are typically free.

Donate Your Phone
A third option for your old iPhone is to donate it to charity. Organizations, such as National Network To End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), are always willing to accept a donation of a working phone. An organization like NNEDV takes donated cell phones and sells them. With the funds received from these used phones, charities can use the money to buy newer cellphones for victims of domestic violence. These donations allow victims of domestic violence to always have a way of calling for help if they are ever abused.

There’s nothing quite like buying a new phone. Just one problem: It’s illegal in some places to just throw your old phone away, plus doing so is bad for the environment. Your options include recycling the phone, selling it, or donating it to charity. The condition of your phone and your personal needs will ultimately decide which option is best for you. If your cell phone is in poor working condition, then you will probably want to recycle it. If your phone is in great working condition, then you can consider either selling the phone or donating it.

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