i921 Smartphone by Lenovo

by FreshEffect on April 7, 2006


Lenovo is introducing their latest product, the i921. Featuring a QVA touchscreen, 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and mini SD slot. Measuring at 103.3 x 50.8 x 21.4 mm and only weighing 123g. No information on pricing and availability has been released. Via Akihabara News.

Modeo Smartphone with Digital TV

by Johnick on April 6, 2006

Modeo smartphone

Modeo has unveiled a Bluetooth Smartphone that uses the new Texas Instruments processor for processing digital video, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 128 mb flash memory and a 2.2 inch LCD screen. The unit will be able to process the new digital TV broadcasts throughout the U.S. The unit is expected to be available in certain US markets this year, and the entire country in 2007. Price is not yet known. Info via RegHardware.

Samsung SGH-T719 BlackBerry phone

by Johnick on April 6, 2006

Samsung SGH-T719 blackberry

The new Samsung SGH-T719 is designed to include Blackberry connect and an extended keyboard. The cell phone should be available for T-mobile customers at the moment, since any Samsung model name so far with the letter “T” is designed for T-mobile service. The phone includes a 1.3 megapixel camera also. Expected availibility is after summer of this year. Price is still unknown. Info via SlashPhone.

LG 550 Music Phone

by Mr. Roboto on April 6, 2006

LG 550 Music Phone
This fresh LG 550 Music Phone has a music player, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a recorder to let you save by humming or playing a tune, etc. It’s Bluetooth ready and has a MicroSD memory slot. No word on price yet but it should be available Second Quarter 2006. Info via Engadget.

Sony VN-CX1 Skype Mouse Phone

by Johnick on April 5, 2006

Sony Skype Mouse Phone
This is the brand new Skype phone by Sony that also serves as a cool mouse. When opened, it looks like a cell phone, and it works with your Skype service perfectly. When closed, use it as a regular mouse. Available in 5 colors, this unit has an LED flashlight to let you know of incoming calls and a volume adjuster. It is available for $99 right now. Via GadgetMadness.

Samsung SGH-T509

by FreshEffect on April 5, 2006


Here’s the latest sleek cell phone from Samsung with T-Mobile as the provider. The super thin SGH-T509 will not only be .39 in thickness, it will also have a built-in camera and Bluetooth capability. No info on pricing has been announced. Via TechEBlog


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