Review of LG VX9900 (enV) Smartphone

by Johan on March 7, 2007

Review of LG VX9900 (enV) Smartphone

Here is another review of the LG VX9900 (enV) smartphone. PhoneArena has a comprehensive review of the phone that boasts a 2.0MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity, miniSD card slot, and a host of useful applications. Here is the verdict.

The internal display is now QVGA and shows images and text with greater quality. The Camera is upgraded to 2MP and takes the best pictures we’ve seen on a LG phone since the VX8000 that was introduced in 2005. They look almost as good as the pictures from the Samsung A990. Call Quality and Reception is also top-notch with no interference or static. The stereo speakers do an excellent job as a speakerphone and when used with MP3 music playback, despite the lack of bass. The Communicator theme is fast, very graphical, and looks much better than the old Verizon UI. Lastly, the QWERTY keypad is designed for people who text message or send a lot of E-Mails. Even if you only send a few text message a day, you will appreciate the ease of use with the keypad.

Watch the video for more details!

Via PhoneArena

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