Review of The Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone

by Johan on March 9, 2007

Review of The Nokia 6300 Mobile Phone

PhonaArena provides us with the review video of Nokia 6300 mutimedia phone which features a 2-inch QVGA display, 2.0MP camera with 8x zoom, a microSD card slot, FM tuner, music player, and stainless steel casing. Here is the conclusion.

Nokia 6300 is a fine phone. It is simply stylish, classical and high-quality; though, unfortunately, somewhat dull. It is definitely oriented towards a more ‘grown-up’ age group, rendering it inappropriate for young people. If we add its stable operation as a phone with quite a few functions to the good image, then the 6300 can definitely be said to come up to our expectations.

Video after the jump!

Via PhoneArena

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