Samsung Announces FX 5.1 Channel Phone

by Johan on October 5, 2006

Samsung Announces FX 5.1 Channel Phone

Samsung FX is a phone with “5.1-channel audio” output. But it’s not actually 5.1 channel audio since it doesn’t have five speakers and a tiny subwoofer that you keep in your pocket. It’s a kind of a virtual surround technology that decodes six channels of sound to make you feel like the sound is coming from behind you. The FX is a slim slider phone with a 2.4 inch display screen. The handset has a 2MP digicam and also a VGA camera for video calling, DMB for digital TV, WiFi, a microSD/TransFlash expansion slot, and probably Bluetooth support. No word on pricing or availability yet.

Via Engadget Mobile.

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