Samsung Launches E1107 Crest Solar, World’s First Solar-Powered Phone

by Isaiah on June 10, 2009

Samsung Launches E1107 Crest Solar, World's First Solar-Powered Phone

Samsung is out with their first solar-powered phone namely the Samsung E1107 Crest Solar. This low-end phone features a large solar cell on its back cover that can keep its 800mAh battery charged when exposed to the sun. 1 hour of solar charging can provide an additional 5 to 10 minutes of talk time. Other interesting features include a 1.52-inch CSTN display with 128 x 128 pixels and 65K colors, an FM radio, MP3 ringtones, a built-in flashlight, a Mobile Tracker and supports dual band GSM connectivity (900/1800 MHz). The phone will be available in Europe, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and Latin America starting in June 2009. In India, the phone is called Samsung Solar Guru and costs only 2,799 INR ($59) unlocked. [Samsung Hub via Unwiredview]

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