Sharp’s Solar 936SH and 934SH Cell Phones

by Johan on May 19, 2009

Sharp's Solar 936SH and 934SH Cell Phones

Sharp will release the Solar 936SH and 934SH cell phones in the Japanese market via SoftBank. The 934SH (pictured left) comes jam packed with a 3-inch external display that can display time, date, weather, news, and other information. The handset also boasts an 8MP digital camera, a waterproof shell, and a UV sensor.

The Solar Hybrid 936SH (pictured right) supports IPX7 water resistance, a full wide VGA display, and an 8MP digicam. What makes the Sharp 936SH cool is that the phone has a big solar panel in the front that will provide you one minute of call time or two hours of standby per 10 minutes of charging. The Sharp Solar 936SH and 934SH will be released in June and August, respectively. No word on pricing so far. [Engadget]

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