The Haier Elegance – The World’s Smallest Phone

by Johan on May 15, 2007

The Haier Elegance - The World

The Haier Elegance is said to be the “World’s smallest GSM phone featuring an MP3 player”. The phone is launched for UK market with the price tag of $330(after conversion). The Haier Elegance weights at just 64g and 90.6mm x 35.3mm x 18.2mm in dimension. Other features include an MP3 player with 128MB of storage capacity (expandable by 1GB via Micro SD), FM tuner, stereo Bluetooth, OLED display, and Tri-Band GSM. Its battery offers three hours of talktime and 11 hours MP3 playback. Pricing is still in a mystery.

Via Slashphone

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