Why the HTC One M8 is the Perfect Phone

by Jeremiah on January 23, 2015


It was found in early 2014 that almost three in four Hispanics (the actual figure was 72%) owned a mobile device. Fast forward almost five months to now and not only will you likely see similar results, but you will also likely see that stats such as 60% of Hispanics use their mobiles for web browsing are outdated and probably lower figures than the actual values. You may also see that the phone choice on the market is somewhat more complicated – due to the influx of advanced smart phones that are currently available. There is however, one phone that stands out as a logistical option for not only Hispanics – who were found to have high levels of browsing – but for anyone on the planet; The HTC One M8. Given that 93% of US Hispanics were said to use a mobile device regularly back in 2011 – before any of the technology breakthroughs that are now in place within mobile and smart devices – that number will only have increased over the past few years and this particular demographic is no doubt an important factor when designing a mobile phone in today’s day and age – and the One M8 is no different.

Not only does the HTC look immaculate due to its refined zero gap aluminium uni-body and slick, tapered edges, it also offers zero-gap construction to refine the design and allow the HTC to offer a strong yet immensely smooth grip – making it the perfect phone for owners who use their mobile devices for long and sometimes delayed processes such as web browsing, which as previously highlighted, is a common trait in Hispanic users.

The HTC One M8 is also extremely affordable, which is again good news to members of the Hispanic community who are currently shopping for phones. T-Mobile is currently offering the price of $0 up front, with a fixed rate of $26.50 per month over a 24-month period, making the M8 a perfect long term investment. In 2011 it was found that as many as 87% of US Hispanics had contract plans, while only 8% had pre paid plans. As previously mentioned, with the influx of smart phone technology, the balance has surely swung even more into contract plan’s favour, making the $26.50 per month payment plan all the more appealing.

Given its immaculate camera and visual features – which we will touch on later – it is the perfect smart device for users such as Hispanics, who were found to use their mobile devices for more general needs, rather than having both a mobile and a computer. Last year, a study found that 72% of Hispanic people claimed to own a desktop computer, which was a staggering 11% lower than the amount of White people who claimed to use desktop devices and only 2% higher than Black user figures.

The phone also offers a HD screen that includes aid from superfine pixel density to make it one of the more profound screens on the market today. The screen can also auto-rotate and even offers the ability for unlimited customization with the camera.

Should you want to change the focus in a photo after it has been taken, then you can do that with UFocus technology, whilst you can use up to as many as two flashes on your camera in order to take the best photos, even in the worst types of location or lighting. This is paired with a 1080p resolution and you can browse in high quality, wherever and whenever you want, due to built-in 4g capabilities and coverage on T-Mobile’s very own nationwide 4g LTE network.

The phone also contains a plethora of social media platforms and applications for users to enjoy. 80% of US Hispanics were found to use social media, which is higher than the 72% in regards to the country overall. Factor in that 68% of US Hispanics are more likely to use the major applications such as Facebook or Twitter – which are available to use on the HTC – and you have the perfect phone for that particular demographic.

So why wait? Whether you like it or not, this is unquestionably the phone for you.

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