Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Mobile Phone Batteries

by Jeremiah on January 14, 2014

Your mobile phone’s battery isn’t like a diamond—it’s not designed to last forever. A battery only has a limited amount of charges in it before it succumbs to end up where all good batteries go – in the trash. The hassle comes even before it totally gives out, as cheap batteries tend to start playing up a while before they completely die – sooner or later, you’ll be compelled to buy a new battery for your phone.

Now, the miser in you may take over and lead you to the conclusion that all you really need is a cheap replacement battery. Don’t give in though as cheap batteries are huge no-no. You’ll be risking the efficiency and longevity of your phone—and even your safety—by opting for such. This may sound a tad drastic, but back in 2013, a young girl suffered third-degree burns due to the sudden explosion of her Samsung Galaxy S3 that was lodged in her pocket. After an investigation, it came to light that a substandard battery was the cause. The moral of the story is that being cheap has its costs too.

While the chances of your phone catching fire are unlikely, a lesser-quality replacement would most likely lower the performance of your mobile phone. You can also expect the battery to have a shorter lifespan, with it having only a few charges in it. This is definitely a case of “you get what you pay for.” If you decide to buy cheap replacement batteries, before you know it, you’ll be once again undergoing the pain of purchasing another battery for your phone.

Simply put, a second-rate battery is both a hazard and a temporary solution. To put it more bluntly, it’s a waste of money. Avoid all the risks and issues that a shoddy product brings by opting for a high-quality battery. OEM phone battery replacements are of course preferable, but batteries from reputable sellers such as A1 Battery Pro are also viable alternatives. You’ll probably be surprised that such a replacement isn’t that expensive after all, so there’s no good reason why you should even consider settling for a lesser-quality battery as a replacement.

Yes, exploding phone batteries don’t happen that often. But for your protection and peace of mind, don’t scrimp on your next mobile phone battery. More often than not, it’s not worth it. Getting a top-quality phone battery replacement is your best course of action after your old one has given up.

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